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  • Professionally install 'A' rated boilers
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  • Gas Safe Boiler Servicing

Have your boiler serviced by our Gas Safe registered engineers

Gas Safe Boiler ServicingBoilers should be serviced on a yearly basis to check that all parts are in safe working order and are working efficiently. Leaving a boiler unserviced can be costly and dangerous, carbon monoxide poisoning can be a deadly result of an unserviced faulty boiler and a boiler breakdown due to a lack of servicing can be costly and time consuming.

A boiler service should always be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, working with gas can be dangerous and should be left up to professionals who are trained and certified to work with gas. you should never attempt to to service a boiler yourself. Gas safe engineers have gone through rigorous training and examinations that are required by law,
to provide you with a safe, professional gas engineer.

What should I expect during my boiler service?

Many checks and tests are carried out by an engineer during a yearly boiler service, before the bulk of the service can be undertaken the engineer first has to check your boiler is located in an area that complies with electrical, building and gas safety regulations. These regulations can change fairly regularly, if you boiler location does not adhere to current standards the boiler will have to be  moved to another location. After your boiler passes the first set of location requirements all external controls and panels are then checked by the engineer to ensure they are in good working order.

Next the engineer begins the main service on the boiler and will be checking the following components are working as they should:

  • Main injector
  • Main burner
  • Spark centre probe
  • Heat exchanger
  • Main fan
  • All seals
  • Joints on all water and gas pipes
  • Flue terminal
  • All electical components

 After confirming that all the above components are working correctly and efficiency test is then carried out using a flue gas analyser to test for harmful levels of carbon monoxide emissions and to ensure that gases released from combustion meet legal regulations.

If the results of these tests are within regulation no further examination is required, the engineer will then proceed to remove any and all dust and dirt from inside the boiler and carry out a gas tightness test to ensure there are no gas leaks in or around the boiler.

Once your boiler service has been completed the engineer will discuss all checks carried out and what the service reviled about your system. Sometimes we find that some repair work needs to be carried out, our engineer will walk you through what these repairs entail and their cost. We work under a strict pricing policy and you will never be over charged or charged for unnecessary work. Once both you and the engineer are satisfied that the boiler service has been carried out to regulation and has passed we will issue you with a current Gas Safety Record which is valid for a year. Once this certificate has expired you will need to have another boiler service carried out on your home.

Gas Safe Boiler ServicingContact us today to arrange your boiler service

Gas Safety Record certificate for landlords

If you are a landlord you should be aware of the legal requirement that a valid up to date gas safety certificate is needed for each property you let. We work with landlords to arrange yearly boiler servicing and have special deals available for landlords with multiple properties. Contact us today for more information on our boiler servicing discount on multiple properties.