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Ways to improve your central heating efficiency

There are many simple ways to maintain or even increase your central heating systems efficiency. Below are some of the many options available to upgrade your heating system, making it more efficient and costing you less to run.

If you would like to discuss any of the options below, or further ways of upgrading your central heating systems efficiency contact one of our friendly staff today and they will be willing to help you with all your central heating efficiency needs.

Protecting against Lime-scale

Lime-scale can be the cause of serious damage to any system that uses water, a central heating system is no different. As water is heated the minerals it contains break down, these minerals form lime-scale deposits in your central heating system. Over time thick deposits of lime-scale build up, restricting the flow of water in you heating system making your boiler work harder.

Improve heating efficiencyHaving an electrolytic scale inhibitor fitted to your incoming water supply pipe after a new boiler installation can ensure a high level of future protection from lime-scale build up. The device stops lime-scale crystal build up by changing the properties of the crystals, rendering them unable to stick to any surface within the system.

  • Up-to 10 years protection against lime-scale.
  • Low Cost install and no running fees.
  • Quick and easy to install into your system.
  • No regular maintenance required.
  • Can be fitted both domestic and commercial systems.
  • No pollutants are added to the system.


Reducing sludge build up with a MagnaClean filter

Heating Wizard reccomend having a MagnaClean filters fitted along side a new boiler install. MagnaClean are the market leaders in the the manufacture of equipment aimed at keeping your central heating system running at it's maximum efficiently.

Improve heating efficiencyHaving a MagnaClean filter fitter after a new boiler install can greatly reduce the build up of black iron oxide deposits in your heating system using magnets to trap the iron oxide. Wizard Heating strongly recommend having MagnaClean filter fitter after a new boiler install to help keep your system working efficiently.

  • Eliminates black iron oxide sludge in the system.
  • Prevents blockages caused by iron oxide sludge deposits.
  • Allows your heating system to run more efficiently, reducing the load on your boiler.
  • Reducing the load on your boiler can save you money on futurer fuel bills.


Central Heating upgrades

With the constantly rising price of fuel we should always be looking for ways to reduce our heating bills by making our homes more energy efficient. Heating systems are often over looked in both domestic and residential properties and can be a huge drain on resources if not maintained correctly. As central heating systems age this drain on resources increases, however, there are many ways to improve your heating systems efficiency. Having a new boiler installed will increase your systems efficiency immediately and can save you up to £300 on your heating bills every year, but in the long term upgrading components in your heating system can give you even greater savings while reducing you carbon foot print.

Improve heating efficiency

Thermostatic Radiator Valves- These radiator valves can automatically turn the heating level up or down dependant on room temperature, ensuring your rooms are heated efficiently and are suitable for all radiator types.

Improve heating efficiency
Wireless Room Thermostats
- These thermostats can be kept anywhere in your home and accurately monitor the overall temperature of your house, if the heating level drops below or above the desired temperature they can adjust the heating system accordingly. As these units do not need to be wired directly to your boiler they are very easy to integrate into existing systems.

Improve heating efficiency

Honeywell Zone Valves - These high quality valves are designed to allow you to heat separate areas of your property at different times, heating only the areas you are using. For example, heating the living areas during the day and only bedrooms at night allows you to only heat the rooms you are using as opposed to the entire property all the time.

Improve heating efficiency

Cylinder Thermostats
- These thermostats regulate the water temperature within the heating cylinder, they constantly monitor the water temperature heating it only when the temperature drops below 60-65C. These units can save you a considerable amount on your fuel bills as it only heats the water when the temperature drops below a set limit.

Improve heating efficiencyUnvented Cylinders - These cylinders are another way to improve your heating efficiency and reduce your fuel bills. These cylinders draw cold water from your mains supply and heat it on demand, heating water only when it's needed and supplying it at mains pressure. This is a much more efficient way to supply heated water to your home than cylinders that are constantly heating water. These cylinders also do not require a cold water storage tank, which frees up valuable space in your property.

Improve heating efficiency

'A' Rated Pumps - Old heating pumps can be responsible for up to 10% of the total electricity cost in a standard home, an 'A' rated pump uses a quarter of the power needed to run a standard heating pump and can save you a considerable amount on your electricity bills.

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