What can Wizard Heating do for you?

  • Professionally install 'A' rated boilers
  • Save up to 300 on fuel bills yearly
  • Gas Safe Boiler Servicing

Terms and Conditions


Our Guarantee

Terms & ConditionsTerms & ConditionsWizard Heating are confident in the services we provide. Unlike many companies, we offer a three year guarantee with every standard power flush. If you choose to have a MagnaClean filter installed at the same time, we will extend this to a 5 year guarantee.

Our guarantee is valid for the three or five year span starting on the date you have the power flush. The guarantee is dependant on the system being maintained in the proper fashion – the system must be topped up with inhibitors every year, or the guarantee will be void. We have test kits to determine the levels of inhibitors in the system and we carry out checks on all call back visits.

 Our Quotes

Terms & ConditionsOur quotes are based on information we gather when we email you or talk to you on the telephone. We will need to know the number of radiators, type of boiler, whether you have an outside tap, microbore piping or under floor heating. We can then calculate your quote. This will be as near to the mark as we can – but in some instances, on site surveys may bring up things that will make the job more complicated – or sometimes easier, and the price will have to  be re-negotiated. Try and give as much information as you can when you contact us so we can give you an accurate quote.

 Our Services 

We are happy to book your appointment on a day that suits you. We have engineers that work weekends, and evenings under certain circumstances. Our arrival time is usually 8am, and if this is going to be any different, we will call  you. In the unlikely event that we have to break an appointment, we will call you and rearrange to a day of your choosing.


Wizard Heating are more than happy to work with tenants to get their heating back on track. As tenants are not liable for power flushing costs, we deal with the landlord directly. We ask our landlords to pay a 50% deposit before we start, with the remaining 50% to be paid upon completion. We are also happy to take full payment upfront. The documents we provide after the flush, including the guarantee will be emailled directly to the landlord to make life easier for everyone. We cannot provide credit facilities under any circumstances.